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Conquer your E&O nightmares

Conquer your E&O nightmares

How do you reduce your E&O exposure? You make it as simple and natural as possible to document every client communication so that nothing is missed. In a nutshell, you use Bridge.

Maxmize Employee Effectiveness

Maximize employee effectiveness

Listen in on sales calls, track productivity, monitor text messages, and more. Bridge even has a complete time clock system that captures screenshots of what employees are doing while clocked in. No longer wonder what is going on in your office.

Increase Agency Sales

Streamline your agency’s sales process

Use Bridge’s pre-built quote sheets or customize your own. Your CSR’s will love the convenience of typing the information in directly while still on the phone. The data can then be tracked throughout your entire workflow, edited as needed, and exported to your raters and carriers.

too busy to change

Never be too busy to improve

Since Bridge is a cloud-based system, you can be registered and making phone calls in less than 5 minutes.  And, because Bridge is an add-on to your existing management system, you don’t have to change your workflows. Just enjoy them getting easier with a unified communication system.

Bridge, so much more than your typical phone provider.

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  • 5 star rating  

    Steven Ward Avatar Steven Ward

    5 star rating  thanks Thomas and Kotter for your always great... read more

    Jimmy Taylor Avatar Jimmy Taylor

    5 star rating  WOW! I am thoroughly impressed with how wonderful it was... read more

    Courtney Geier Avatar Courtney Geier

    5 star rating  Walter was wonderful regarding training for our agency over the weekend!

    Victoria Renz Avatar Victoria Renz
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    Ccj Marsh Avatar Ccj Marsh

    5 star rating  Wow...what incredible service. I called Sam and he immediately jumped... read more

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    Ðaniel Pacheco Avatar Ðaniel Pacheco

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    Clinton Houck Avatar Clinton Houck
  • 5 star rating  Thank you Thomas. The install & login went very smooth.... read more

    Bay Harbour Avatar Bay Harbour

    5 star rating  Awesome job!! Thanks so much for the help

    Pierre Roderique Avatar Pierre Roderique

    5 star rating  

    Dallin Bond Avatar Dallin Bond

    5 star rating  Sam was able to get me up and running quickly.... read more

    Rebecca Byrom Avatar Rebecca Byrom
  • 5 star rating  Thomas Cook was so fast and helpful!

    Joanna Girard Avatar Joanna Girard

    4 star rating  They are very helpful and knowledgeable!! 🙂

    Never made me feel... read more

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    Eric Bright Avatar Eric Bright
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    Jessica Henshaw Avatar Jessica Henshaw

    5 star rating  I was unsure of working with a new IT person... read more

    Jennifer Yonker Avatar Jennifer Yonker

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    5 star rating  Sam was great. very patient! biggest thing: called back... read more

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