The Kotter Group

Since 1996, The Kotter Group has been serving insurance agents with cutting edge technology solutions. Today, The Kotter Group is best known for BridgeTM, an InsureTech omnichannel communications platform.

A Revolution for Independent Insurance Agents

Bridge by The Kotter Group

Bridge is a unique and revolutionary product that combines many tools that agencies depend on: E-signature, advanced text messages from all office phone numbers, live chat, web forms, secured document sharing, VoIP phone system … and many, many others. The difference with Bridge? All these powerful tools are available in one place, with one login, and at a price that’s less that what agents typically pay for just phone service and one of Bridge’s features. Tools that can literally add to the bottom line of any agency, every month.

Is This Magic?

Maybe. At least you might think so when you see how Bridge takes all your communications—text messages, emails, documents, faxes, chat records and much more—and allows you to quickly and seamlessly document them in your management system. Presto, E&O hassles just disappeared.

Relationships Matter

The Kotter Group is, at its core, a people company. And while we do provide what we believe is the single best ‘high tech’ solution for any independent insurance company, the reason behind it is simple: It empowers our clients to serve their clients better than anyone else. We have a servant mindset, and that carries over into everything that we do.

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Learn about the people of The Kotter Group. Then come see why Bridge is taking the independent insurance market by storm. Visit for detailed information or to reserve your spot for a free demo.

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