3 Mistakes Insurance Agency Owners Must Stop Making

1. Stop communicating like it’s 1988

Even your most loyal customers are suckers for convenience. You will win new customers and increase retention when you communicate through text messages. Add video calling, screen sharing, and Facebook messenger, and your agency will grow even more.

2. Stop running piecemeal systems  

Save time and money by unifying your communications. Combine phone calling, inter-office chat, texting, file sharing, faxing, and marketing broadcasts in one VOIP phone system and easily save records into any management system.  Integration really is the key to productivity, excellent customer service, and reduced E&O exposure.

3. Stop wondering what your employees do all day

Payroll is a major expense in most agencies, so it makes sense to know what you’re paying for. You should have access to call history data, content of business texts, internal messages, faxes, time clock status data, screen shots, etc. Running your business on a VoIP phone system that offers all of these plus an enterprise-level call center will give your agency a competitive advantage.

The good news

Running your agency on a VoIP phone system that offers all of these solutions plus an enterprise-level call center makes good business sense, especially when it costs less than what you are already paying for phones. Invest 15 minutes in learning about Bridge, and you’ll wonder how you ever ran your agency without it. Schedule an appointment today with one of The Kotter Group’s InsureTech experts or try Bridge yourself with our do-it-yourself demo.

What is Bridge?

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