Is Chicken Little right?

In the story of Henny Penny, also called Chicken Little, or sometimes Chicken-licken (not to be confused with “Finger-licken” from Kentucky Fried Chicken), the terrified little chicken is convinced that the sky is falling and that life as we (or at least as chickens) know it is over. This theme is common throughout European folklore—so common that “The sky is falling!” and “Chicken Little” have become bywords for fearmongering and the often tragic results that occur.

Every week I talk with insurance agency owners, and some have adopted a “Chicken Little” attitude toward their competition.  They lament, “How will we ever beat the direct writers? Those guys have massive marketing budgets, a strong online presence, great name recognition, and a reputation for being low in cost.”

It’s a reasonable question, but while it may seem scary at times, the sky is most definitely not falling.  You may not have a million dollar marketing budget, but you do have one huge advantage.  You can build a personal relationship that direct writers never can.  And with technology, it’s easier than ever to be the agent your insureds want.

How? Easy. Talk with your customers in the way they want to be communicated with.  Personally, I have over 5,000 insurance professionals as clients. Do you know how I chose my own agent?  He is a knowledgeable expert, but more important, he texts with me.  I don’t want long phone calls or face-to-face meetings except in rare circumstances, but I do want to be able to send him a quick text when I have a question.  And, he texts me right back.  To me, that time savings is well worth whatever little extra I might be paying for insurance.  And because he uses Bridge, my agent doesn’t have to use his personal cell phone number to text. Plus, all our communications are saved directly into his management system.  Convenience for me, E&O protection for him.

When a storm rolls through town leaving damage, debris, and heartache in its wake, who is the insured going to remember — the faceless lizard or the agent who sent out a blast text and automated voice call within an hour after the storm checking in on me and giving me all the information I need to start the claims process?  — the same agent who was on Facebook Messenger posting information on how to mitigate damage to my home as well as steps I can take right now to start getting back on my feet.

As an agency owner, you work tirelessly trying to stay relevant to your clients. Effective communication is your key to building long-term relationships, guaranteeing more revenue, and reducing churn.  We’ve not even talked about the cost savings that come from having strong interoffice communications, easily connecting in remote offices and remote workers, and being able to have one central home for all communications — and being able to access those communications from any device, anywhere. 

Since Bridge is in the cloud, it’s always up and running even when you’re not.  And, with Bridge’s automated messaging, it’s easy to broadcast a message via text, voice, or e-mail.  Store your critical files in our cloud storage, and access them from anywhere.  All your contacts can also be stored in the cloud for easy retrieval on your cell if needed.  Take calls from anywhere and transfer them to the correct employees, no matter where they are physically.

We call that the power of Bridge.  Give your agency the competitive advantage it deserves.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you can see the results you want.

Onward and Upward!

Adam Kotter

President / CEO / Co-Founder