Wipe out your it costs with cloud technology

I got into a fender bender a few weeks back. My 99’ Buick was worth so little that the insurance company totaled it rather than replacing the bumper and left headlight. So, car shopping commenced. Aside from mild sticker shock at a few cars I looked at, I was truly baffled at something else at [...]

Now offering 24 hour cloud computing support

Insurance agents have relied on cloud computing services from The Kotter Group since 1996, whether they are using the Hyper Desktop,True Disaster Recovery for IT disaster preparedness, or one of our other cloud computing services for the insurance industry. Because issues can come up any time, you can now call our support center 24 hours [...]

Cloud computing for insurance agents

In the past, users accessed their information from their computer or via a source in their office, like a hard drive or an office server. With the implementation of cloud technology, this method is now replaced through the Internet. Imagine one large central location for everyone, where individuals, companies, divisions and conglomerates can all access [...]