Cut your agencys overhead by thousands with cloud computing

I spent six dollars yesterday on a car wash to douse off a blanket of pollen so thick that I could barely see through the windshield. This morning, I awoke to find my car newly covered in pollen, and further decorated by a few select presents from nearby birds. This life lesson was one of [...]

5 reasons why cloud computing is more secure than traditional data storage

The Internet is the ultimate embodiment of the “hyper real”: a strong force that you cannot see, touch or feel. It can be hard to trust this slippery force with something as important as company data, especially in the financial industry. Cloud computing in all its manifestations--data backup and storage, remote desktop access, disaster recovery [...]

Wipe out your it costs with cloud technology

I got into a fender bender a few weeks back. My 99’ Buick was worth so little that the insurance company totaled it rather than replacing the bumper and left headlight. So, car shopping commenced. Aside from mild sticker shock at a few cars I looked at, I was truly baffled at something else at [...]

Cloud computing for insurance agents

In the past, users accessed their information from their computer or via a source in their office, like a hard drive or an office server. With the implementation of cloud technology, this method is now replaced through the Internet. Imagine one large central location for everyone, where individuals, companies, divisions and conglomerates can all access [...]

What is cloud computing and why do i care

There has been some great discussion recently regarding cloud computing. It seems there are as many definitions for the term, and ways to implement it, as there are people using it. I thought it might be fun to start a conversation on what is “cloud computing” and why it should matter to a non-technical insurance [...]