In the past, users accessed their information from their computer or via a source in their office, like a hard drive or an office server. With the implementation of cloud technology, this method is now replaced through the Internet. Imagine one large central location for everyone, where individuals, companies, divisions and conglomerates can all access the same resources, using applications that are present at one location. That, in a nutshell, is cloud computing.


  • Access your insurance agency management software hosted in the cloud anytime and anywhere whether you are using a laptop remotely, on a smart phone, tablet or from any computer, 24/7.
  • By using cloud services, an insurance agency has the flexibility to grow. It offers the assurance that as the demand for information increases the cloud will offer an increase in capacity to handle that growth. There will be no need to expend money to increase the number of computers in your office or server space as this is handled by the cloud.
  • In the event of a data disaster, better known as a “hard drive crash,” the cloud offers the insurance agent the reassurance that important data is safely backed up. When your insurance agency management software is hosted in the cloud, the information is always stored on a secure server, the fear and worry of data being compromised or lost is eliminated, too.
  • By sharing data and using industry standard applications, an agency using cloud computing will be more efficient and have less expenditures or need for specialized, custom software to handle analyzing and tracking their data. Whether using a private or a shared or pooled cloud experience, the overall cost of capital expenses is reduced. For example, specialized software for the insurance industry is very expensive to have written. By using cloud technology and applications developed for the insurance industry, the cost of development, implementation and maintenance of the software is shared by others in the industry. Less code will need to be written, agencies will share software development costs and overall costs associated with the development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of that code.
  • An insurance agent will have increased access from anywhere; at home or while on the road. Agents will be able to access important information, wherever they have Internet access, even from a client’s home via a mobile device or laptop.
  • Using cloud computing will also allow an insurance agent to keep track of and control all essential documents in a central place. In fact, these documents can be worked on by multiple persons and saved in one spot for easy access by other insurance agency team members. For example, an insurance agency and agents will find they can collaborate with others in their office or their headquarters by accessing a file or document directly, without having to keep track of emailing the document back and forth. This simple process will allow everyone to work on one copy of the document that is stored in one central location in the cloud.

Like many large companies, an insurance agency can utilize the same database servers, having access to the same statistics, data about policies, rates and information from the same server. If public, it will be shared by agencies throughout the industry. If private, access of this data will be managed and available within the company, whether local or worldwide.

Methods of obtaining data, analyzing the data and applying the data will be standardized and easier to access. There should be less errors, less headaches in retrieving information and more efficient and cost effective means to handling quotes to customers for their insurance policy needs. It may take awhile for everyone to implement cloud technology, but it is a fact that many are heading for their place in the cloud, and some have already taken the leap.

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