The Kotter Group Gives Back – Crews Middle School Consultant Day

How many thirteen-year-olds have the opportunity to pitch a legitimate business idea to local business professionals? Some teenagers these days are more concerned about not losing their Snapchat streaks, what their peers have posted on their Finsta, or the latest and greatest video game. In the Brookwood cluster, however, where The Kotter Group’s main office is located, elementary through high school students have access to a special integrated entrepreneurial program through which they can create their own earning opportunities.

Elementary students learn entrepreneurial concepts through a Market Day, a school store, and class jobs. Middle schoolers focus on social entrepreneurship by collaborating with peers to pitch their business ideas. They learn soft skills such as communication, project management, adaptability, and a strong work ethic. At Brookwood High School, students can choose to develop their own businesses.

Today, February 6, 2018, Andrew Dollar of The Kotter Group had the great opportunity of participating in the Alton C. Crews Middle School Consultant Day. The organizer, Mr. Rod Hames, took the time to recruit local business professionals to meet one-on-one with his students about the realities of the business world. 

Mr. Dollar reports, “During our time together we had the opportunity of building relationships of trust among the students and professionals, which led to further discussion about their unique gifts, talents, and passions. Once the students felt comfortable with us, we brainstormed together about their unique business ideas, steps they could take to make their ideas a reality, and set several S.M.A.R.T goals they could accomplish within a 6-week period of time.”

“The experience ended with the sweet special education students coming into the classroom with bags they had handmade as a thank you gift for each business professional.”

“Today was a great day for The Kotter Group as we gave back to the community we love.  Not only did I have a wonderful experience investing  time with these students, I also saw how bright our future truly is. The sky is the limit for these young entrepreneurs.”

Learn more about the Crews Middle School program here and the Brookwood High School program here.