The Kotter Group launches Bridge a revolutionary communication suite

New platform for P&C insurance agents combines phone, texting, chat, video, broadcast, FileShare, TimeClock for easy documentation into any management system. Reduces E&O, provides edge over direct writers, improves training/supervision, lowers costs.
The Kotter Group launches its Bridge communications suite for insurance agencies

“There’s an app for that!” With over 5 million apps available just from Google Play and the Apple App Store, an app exists for most situations, but for independent P&C insurance agents, that’s not always a good thing. Many agents want to connect with their insureds through more modern channels, but having multi-app, piecemeal solutions increases E&O exposure and reduces efficiency.

That’s why The Kotter Group recently launched Bridge, an advanced communications suite for independent property and casualty agencies that brings an agency’s communications into one place so they are easier to document and save into the agency’s management system.

Bridge is a cloud-based platform that replaces an agency’s current phone system and provides a suite of other communication and management tools. With Bridge’s VOIP technology, any endpoint can function as a phone: a hard phone on the desk, a headset, a cell phone, a tablet, a webcam, or any PC with a speaker/microphone or earbuds/microphone. All that is needed is an Internet-connected device.

Bridge includes the following features: inter-agency chatting, text messaging (SMS and MMS), Facebook Messenger integration and documentation, screen capture, cloud storage, sending and receiving large encrypted files, file sharing, exporting to management system, employee training tools, simplified conference calling, time clock with screenshots, screen share, video calling, automated messaging / broadcasting of emails/text messages/voice messages, employee monitoring tools, faxing, and high-end VOIP phone system capabilities.

“Besides Bridge, you won’t find any one application that offers all these tools in one place,” says The Kotter Group’s founder and CEO, Adam Kotter. “As a former licensed agent and agency owner, I understand how important documentation is for E&O and productivity. We designed Bridge specifically to meet the needs of insurance agencies. Starting with all of your communications in one place makes it easy to export them to any management system, and that’s the key. With Bridge, we bring together in one place a whole range of easy-to-use tools to allow people to connect and build relationships in the ways they prefer. Imagine taking the best communication apps available and combining them all in one single platform. Text your clients from your business phone number. Chat with co-workers. Then save it all into your management system. That’s powerful.”

The Kotter Group has provided technology expertise to P&C insurance agencies for over 21 years. The Kotter Group was founded on the idea of helping insurance agents get back into the customer-relationship business and out of the technology business. Over 5,000 agents currently use The Kotter Group’s cloud services network.

Bridge can help agencies increase sales by differentiating themselves from the competition by reaching out in the ways their clients and prospects prefer. An October 2017 study conducted by Survata found that a majority of young consumers (65% of Gen Z and Millennials) communicate digitally more often than in person and that the majority (69.4%) prefer texting over phone calls.

Independent insurance agents base their business on the fact that relationships matter to their insureds, and young consumers are an increasingly large percentage of those insureds. Bridge brings together in one place a whole range of easy-to-use tools to allow agents to connect and build those relationships, whether through text messages, video calls, or good old-fashioned phone calls.

Bridge helps agencies boost productivity by funneling documentation from all of their communications (voice, text, chat, video, social, file share, etc.) straight into their management system.

Using VOIP technology, agencies can reduce costs and take advantage of the communication channels their insureds prefer. The Kotter Group believes in keeping it simple. Bridge takes only minutes to set up. Agents can keep their existing phone and fax numbers and rest easy knowing help is available any time.

Bridge can dramatically reduce errors and omissions risks for agencies. Agency owners can increase productivity and mitigate E&O exposure by knowing exactly what is going on in their agency. Using Bridge, they can easily supervise and train employees, too.

Bridge was created by agents for agents. For a low monthly fee, independent insurance agents can harness the power of modern communications to grow their agencies.

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