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What Our Customers Are Saying


“When Super Storm Sandy hit the New York Metropolitan area on October 29, 2012, it rendered our physical office useless for 1 week. Fortunately, we signed on to The Kotter Group’s cloud environment late in 2011. As long as we were able to find power and internet, we were able to operate. Employees that had power at their homes worked remotely, while those without power found locations with power. The day immediately following the storm, I actually operated out of my car. I parked in front of a library with power and tapped into their wifi with my laptop. Operating off of our cell phones, we were able to take calls from our clients, answer their questions about coverage and report claims to the insurance companies. We had full access to all or our data and were able to provide the service our clients expected of us at a most vulnerable time. When we hear stories of what other agents had to deal with, we are so glad we signed on with Kotter.” -David Spiro

“I want to take a moment to let you know that I am very happy with the service and expertise with some of your staff. They are all very efficient and pleasant to work with.”

Chandra Amarsingh, The Excelsior Group

“I am writing to let you know that your team is an absolute pleasure to work with. I work for Applied Systems and we have an integration with certain agency management systems that requires attention from time to time. There is a specific account that I work with your team on. They have their InStar database hosted with the Kotter Group. Usually, when I pick up the phone to contact a server hosting company with like issues, it’s a pain. Your team has an obvious thirst for knowledge and has learned exactly how this integration works. He is up to date and extremely responsive when I reach out to him. I worked with him today and what normally would be a 30-45 minute discussion/meeting is resolved in moments. Tyson even knew what I was calling about before he got on the phone with me. Last time I worked with him was a few months ago and he was just as prompt, professional and prepared. Its people in organizations, like your support team, that make my job easier! If you feel appropriate, please forward my kudos to them.”

Chris Kent, Applied systems

“I had been having some difficulties signing on to Kotter with my Mac since the last Weekend update. I phoned you help center and was assisted by your team and although it took a bit to get me up and running they were patient with me and always extremely professional. I just wanted to share with you how much I appreciated his help and demeanor. You have a great team there.” -Mark Baker

I wanted to let you know that Benjamin Welch was beyond helpful today when an agent called to get some assistance with a password issue! Please let him know it did not go unnoticed and we really appreciate it!”

Kaylyne Trosky, Pacific crest

“The Kotter Group provides a very reliable connection that has allowed us to reduce our IT costs and has given us access to our management system from anywhere we have a connection to the Internet. Most importantly, we have the peace of mind of knowing that we are protected against a loss of information and productivity from a server breakdown, natural disaster, or any other type of risk we might face. If the worst occurs, we will be there for our customers. In my experience, the advantages of a hosted system far outweigh any drawbacks.”

Bryan R ,Kouri

he Kotter Group has been a valuable partner in the growth of our hosted product. They have been responsive to our needs and those of our customers. They are willing to put in the extra effort, time and resources to help ensure each challenge is overcome and that their service is always evolving to improve the customer experience.  I truly value The Kotter Group’s entrepreneurial spirit and their open, honest communication which has fostered the success of our business partnership.”

Jamie Phillips, Hawksoft

“Just wanted to express to you how wonderful your service is. You have been helping me for quite sometime with any issue I have. Your support is polite, respectful and very smart. Much thanks for helping me with issues without making me feel stupid. This is the best thing you could have and you need to make sure you hold on to that.

PS: if you ever go away I will hunt you down.

Melissa Chamblee, The Associates Group

I would just like to say that your team took very good care of us during the transfer of all our files, etc. They are by far the most intellectual IT people we have worked with. They are very professional and efficient. If this is the kind of service we are going to get then I am 100% sure we made the right move. Thank you for introducing us to “The Cloud” and your
organization. I look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

Debbie Palmer, The Grayhawk Companies

“I am writing to let you know what a great experience I had with your team helping to correct a printing problem that I was having when bridging from Hawksoft to Ezlynk. Your team took over and did everything they could think of to fix the problem, including getting a conference call with Ezlynk, and me. They stayed on the phone with me and made sure I was informed of what was going on and dealt directly with Ezlynk. Ezlynk dropped the call after being on the phone with both of us for quite awhile, and never contacted either of us after that. Your team tried to contact them as well. Neither one of us has heard from Ezlynk.

This morning your team called me to explain that he had tried something over the weekend that he hoped would work, and it did. They made sure everything was working properly and just did a great job for me. I feel that they put the extra time in to remedy this and make sure I was completely satisfied. It’s been a pleasure working with them!”

Debbie Raad,Front Range Insurance

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank Kotter for the good service by Kotter when assistance has been needed. You may or may not remember, but after switching to you about 4 years ago we had many issues arise, which actually made me doubt my decision to choose Kotter. In looking back, I think a lot of these were growing pains for both of us and that some issues were not always Kotter Issues. With the computer being our Business life line, it can be pretty frustrating when you do have any computer issue. But each time your group would come thru for us to address what we needed . If not by design by Kotter , somehow we would found Ashley Gaines as our primary contact in the early years. At that time, Ashley is directly and individually responsible for maintaining a needed level of service to keep our confidence in Kotter. You could not have had a better representative of your company during those times as She was always professional, personable, and sensitive to our needs. You are very fortune to have her represent your company.

Taylor Insurance Agency

Your team have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They went above and beyond to help me. They were willing to help with every question that I had and was even willing to discuss things when I didn’t seem to know the answer/process/etc. They were great to work with and would not hesitate to contact them for help in the future!! I am glad they are part of the Kotter Family

Angela Camara, Cornerstone Insurance

“Tyson was great at explaining the services that Kotter could provide to my mid size agency and put me at ease in making the decision to bring my Mail exchange over to you guy. We have been using the system back up and disaster recovery service for a while a now and it is great to be able to speak with a real person ON THE PHONE!”

Thanks and keep it up

Jeffrey Smith, Insurance Northwest

“Simply the best thing we have ever done for our agency. Thank you to The Kotter Group

Alan Hedrick,County wide insurance

“I sleep easy at night knowing my irreplaceable data is secure on your servers and easily restored in the event of my computer crashing.”

Eddie Emmett, F.Y.I Express

“Since we have joined forces with the Kotter Group it has allowed me to do what I do best and that is sell insurance and service my customers. The rest I leave up to the more than qualified techies at the Kotter Group.”

Morton Agency

“Things are going really well! We’ve had no problems at all. Any questions we’ve had have had quick responses – all solved within 5 minutes. You’re selling a great product”

Elaine Morton