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Evan Whitehill Avatar
Evan Whitehill

Grant was very easy to work with as was very quick!! Would recommend him to anyone!

Eric Bright Avatar
Eric Bright

Very helpful. Will call Grant back next time.

Carolyn Cline Avatar
Carolyn Cline

I appreciate your professional customer service. You are a very pleasant and patient person, and I appreciate your help very much.

Ccj Marsh Avatar
Ccj Marsh

Love ❤️ the Kotter Group! They are amazing people to work with!!

Christine Callihan Avatar
Christine Callihan

Thank you Kotter Group for all your help! You are always so responsive. Yesterday, Michael M. was very helpful and knowledgeable when my pc was not cooperating. Everything is running smoothly now and he even followed up today to make sure everything was running smoothly. It was much appreciated!

Catherine Peduto Avatar
Catherine Peduto

Parker was awesome! Stayed in touch and followed up until my issue was resolved. Very polite and professional. Thank you Parker!

Steven J. Spiro Avatar
Steven J. Spiro

Grant worked with me for awhile, only to say more research was needed and he'd be getting back to me within a couple of days. Imagine my surprise when he called me back 10 minutes later with the solution. Grant understood my needs, was very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Eileen Hartles Avatar
Eileen Hartles

Shawn Herron of The Kotter Group knows his stuff! He provided easy to follow instructions; was efficient at his job; broke down the process into understandable steps; made the transition super smooth. Besides all that, he also has a great personality inside that techie brain. Thanks for the great work, Shawn.

John Moore Avatar
John Moore

Had a GREAT experience with Thomas today getting a machine hooked up for multiple users. Fast, friendly and efficient!!!

Mark Roman Avatar
Mark Roman

Thanks Grant! Grant helped me get one of my ported cell numbers back texting.

Thomas Cuddigan Avatar
Thomas Cuddigan

worked with Grant... Great customer service.

Crissi Zaletel Avatar
Crissi Zaletel
MVP Insurance

Nate Krausert Avatar
Nate Krausert

Outstanding service and knowledge!

Scott Pelo Avatar
Scott Pelo

Grant was very helpful during my phone call. He was quick to understand my problem, took care of what I needed, and walked me through what he was doing while fixing it. If I need something fixed in the future I hope my phone call gets directed straight to him.

Tammy O'Neill Armentaro Avatar
Tammy O'Neill Armentaro

They are very helpful and knowledgeable!! 🙂
Never made me feel stupid & they were On It !

Jeff Anna Avatar
Jeff Anna

Big shout out to Walter Goins for the Wonderful Service he provided. Was very quick and got me up and going again!! Thanks Walter!!

Megan Odom Avatar
Megan Odom

Elizabeth Perry Avatar
Elizabeth Perry

Grant from the Kotter group was super helpful and funny too! Usually calling in for tech help is an annoying process but he made it fun and helped out with little things that I needed as well. Highly recommend them!

Christine Greer Gulley Avatar
Christine Greer Gulley

Felipe Mejia Avatar
Felipe Mejia

Awesome help by the person who helped me, he knew what to do and did not stop until the problem was resolved. Great Customer service!

Stacey Johnson Avatar
Stacey Johnson

I have been having issues with my computer freezing and not able to move and Grant has been GREAT! He was patient with me when I was upset. He has followed up with me to make sure that everything is running smoothly! Thanks Grant I really appreciate your support.

Toni Leibowitz Avatar
Toni Leibowitz

Hands down the best Service and quick to resolve my issues instantly. Thank you so much Kotter Group for always being there for my needs.

Clinton Houck Avatar
Clinton Houck

Manny and Andrew were great at explaining features of the phone system. The Bridge product has all the features a modern day insurance agency is looking for.

Megan Gore Avatar
Megan Gore

Thanks to Anthony for helping resolve my issues so quickly and for teaching me a few helpful, time-saving points in Bridge. Once again, Bridge's customer service team is exemplary. Thanks again!

Nancy Woron Avatar
Nancy Woron

Grant Harpole is awesome! He was able to fix several issues we were having with our management system that have been plaguing our office for the past week. Thank you so much Grant for your knowledge and expertise! You are amazing!

Vicki Deroche Avatar
Vicki Deroche

Edna Coberly Avatar
Edna Coberly

Thank you Sam! I appreciate your prompt attention to my printer issues this evening! I thought I might have to wait until morning but when you called I was pleasantly surprised. You were able to reconnect the printer(s) and correct the default info. Fast, Friendly service! Thank you again! Beth, Kevin Panter Insurance.

Kate Leaver Avatar
Kate Leaver

Chris Barfield is awesome!! He is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with!!! And he’s funny!! We enjoyed working with him!! Thanks for everything Chris!!!

Stacey Johnson Avatar
Stacey Johnson

I have been having issues with my computer freezing and not able to move and Grant has been GREAT! He was patient with me when I was upset. He has followed up with me to make sure that everything is running smoothly! Thanks Grant I really appreciate your support.

Stuart Gold Avatar
Stuart Gold

Michael was great. This was a new experience for our agency going away from the traditional voice service to VOIP. Not only do we save money on our voice communication system we can literally take it anywhere on any device. Michael held out hands and walked us through the steps to change and I dare say we probably would not have completed this task without him. Thank you so much Michael.

Jessica Henshaw Avatar
Jessica Henshaw

Sam was great to work with this morning-got right in a made my life easier! Thank you Sam Okonta and the Kotter Group!!

Alan Hoffmann Avatar
Alan Hoffmann

worked with Grant to update to Parallels Client. Found a glitch in Windows and had to go thru a long process but got me up and running. Great job Grant! Love Kotter and Hawksoft!

Susie Maxwell Avatar
Susie Maxwell

Grant Harpole - worked with our local tec and host for our emails, and moved them onto the exchange with the Kotter Group within Hawksoft. Grant was very easy to work with and took care of everything in a very professional manner.

Jack Doolittle Avatar
Jack Doolittle

Gary White Avatar
Gary White

They are awesome!!! Always very knowledgeable and very helpful!!

Emmanuel Osuyah Avatar
Emmanuel Osuyah

Sam Okonta is the real deal. T'was the very end of the day, I called in and waited nearly 20 minutes and got a vm. I reluctantly left a message. Not quite 5 minutes Sam called me back and installed, downloaded and repaired all my software issues with my client management system across 2 computers: mac, windows and my ipad pro all in record time. Sam You are the real deal. Next time I want to talk to no one but you. Thanks for making my holiday weekend rock. Now I can get stuff done.

MrSstewart1985 Avatar

Michael did a great job setting up my AMS, will contact him directly with any other situations that may arise!

Eric Bright Avatar
Eric Bright

Thomas Cook did a great job! Took him no time to get us back up and running.

Rebecca Byrom Avatar
Rebecca Byrom

Sam was able to get me up and running quickly. Amazing service and Sam was so very helpful in his explanation and I really appreciated the promptness and the great instruction that he provided.

Dallin Bond Avatar
Dallin Bond

Neha Vibhute Avatar
Neha Vibhute

Steve Brown Avatar
Steve Brown
Steve Brown Insurance

Just a quick note of thanks for employing very capable, understanding, and customer focused individuals in The Kotter Group’s technical support team. I recently had an encounter with Thomas Cook who was most patient with this inpatient, technically challeged, Senior agent. He remedied my problem very quickly and professionally; I wish I had called the tech department earlier rather than later! I would give Thomas an A + !

Catherine Taylor Avatar
Catherine Taylor

Susan Carter Shaw Avatar
Susan Carter Shaw

The Kotter Group has been very responsive every time I have had to call them! Michael M. was very friendly and professional, extremely helpful and got my issued resolved very quickly. Called the next day to make sure all was still running smoothly! Computers are not my thing,,,, glad they are yours! Thanks again Michael!

Michael Cruz Avatar
Michael Cruz

Tech support is very helpful and friendly! Stephen and Grant are legit. They are not playing. Great techs!

Steven Ward Avatar
Steven Ward

Deloss Buseman Avatar
Deloss Buseman

Sam was great helping me late in the day and exceeded my expectations! Great job!

Raymond Longoria Avatar
Raymond Longoria


Cheryl Fessenden Avatar
Cheryl Fessenden

Anthony Santana has got to be the most patient and kind "techi" I've worked with. Good job guys!

Hope Garcia Avatar
Hope Garcia

Samuel Okonta was very helpful and has great customer service!

John A Parson Avatar
John A Parson

The people I talk to are very efficient and knowledgeable. I am more than happy to be working with them.

Michele Wiley Avatar
Michele Wiley

Anthony Santana is one of the best! He took my trouble with my computer and got Hawksoft up and running again...also double check the printers and email just to be thorough. Another happy client, well done Anthony, well done!

Gina Nelson Avatar
Gina Nelson

Walter was extremely helpful assisting me with our shared calendars in the HawkSoft system. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Thanks so much, Walter!!!!

Lerey Bishop Avatar
Lerey Bishop

Thanks to Thomas Cook! Quick and easy support. 🙂

Pierre Roderique Avatar
Pierre Roderique

Awesome job!! Thanks so much for the help

Jared Chavez Avatar
Jared Chavez

Had to get my password reset. They were quick and helpful.

Debbie Bighill Avatar
Debbie Bighill

Michael was able to determine an issue I have been dealing with for years and had the problem resolved within days. His ability to identify the problem, resolve it and follow up to make sure there were no further issues is much appreciated.

Michael Cruz Avatar
Michael Cruz

Tech support is very helpful and friendly!

Deb Williams Avatar
Deb Williams

They do a great job and are always prompt on their response time!

Shayna Gersh Avatar
Shayna Gersh

Grant Harpole and the entire staff of The Kotter Group were phenomenal in setting our agency up as a HawkSoft Anywhere user. We had an urgent need and they made the migration quickly and efficiently. Our agency cannot speak enough regarding the excellent service. We are looking forward to the future and would recommend The Kotter Group to anyone and everyone!

Jacqualine Payne Avatar
Jacqualine Payne

Sam is AWESOME!! Very professional and patient as he worked through our agency getting back on board. WAY TO GO SAM!!!! IT has been a pleasure working with him!! Byrum Culo Davis & Dell Insurance Agency!

Jessica Henshaw Avatar
Jessica Henshaw

Thank you Sam Okonta and The Kotter Group for helping get me up and running this morning in a matter of a few mins. This new system is going to make my life and workload so much lighter!! Keep up the good work!

Raymond Langoria Avatar
Raymond Langoria


Jon Hood Avatar
Jon Hood

I worked with Thomas Cook to get set up. He answered all my questions, got back to me promptly and his timeline for what should happen when was completely accurate. I very much appreciate his efforts and I am very impressed with the capabilities Bridge has over the competition.

Kari Colman Avatar
Kari Colman

Switching over to VOIP is quite a process but the support staff is very willing to help quickly. I specifically worked with Grant several time over the course of one day. We had headsets that worked one day and then wouldn't work the next day. It could have been a very frustrating process but Grant made it easy and you can tell he enjoys being a problem solver. I'm sure it's not the last time he will hear from me. Thanks for your efforts!

Rusty Rutledge Avatar
Rusty Rutledge

Thomas got my question resolved. He was very helpful and wanted to make sure I was taken care of.

Stuart Gold Avatar
Stuart Gold

Candy Barnes Avatar
Candy Barnes

Sarah Mcivor Avatar
Sarah Mcivor

Grant was a Rockstar! 2 thumbs up. Thanks for your help!

Aaron J. Farmer Avatar
Aaron J. Farmer

Sam was great. very patient! biggest thing: called back when he said he would. good follow up! hard to find that today. very satisfied with his service

Deborah Stowell Avatar
Deborah Stowell

I Am in love, Printer Works !!

Holli Wint Avatar
Holli Wint

Michael H helped our agency out of a huge issue. He got us back up and running. We are very grateful for his assistance on this.

Michelle Avatar

Sam was very professional and made sure I was properly taken care of.

Beth Delaforest Avatar
Beth Delaforest

Thomas Cook is super responsive and has been awesome to work with!!

Jess Proctor Avatar
Jess Proctor

I received wonderful service yesterday, working with Michael M. He was fantastic, efficient and did everything he could to help me out. It is always a pleasure working with Hawksoft. Thank you!!

Sandra Windle Avatar
Sandra Windle

Michael McGlamry was so awesome to work with. He was pleasant and very knowledgeable about my situation. Thanks again Michael!

Carolyn Cline Avatar
Carolyn Cline

Thank you for prompt assistance in getting a new user set up. Customer service was excellent!

John Parson Avatar
John Parson

Whenever I have issues Kotter Group is there to help me!! Thank you!


Michael Harpole, this man spent the extra time to result all of my problems with my Outlook account that stopped working form your web site. Excellent job! The man should get a bonus or a raise in pay. President of American West Insurance Agency Inc Stanley Kingsbury Olympia WA

Tiffany Brown Avatar
Tiffany Brown

Thank you Michael McGlamry for your excellent customer service in helping me reset a username. The change wasn't really necessary, but you made the agency owner happy by going the extra mile for her.

Tanya Gehrig Avatar
Tanya Gehrig

We have been working with Grant for the past few weeks to move our data and emails. He has been very helpful in answering our questions and finding information for us. Grant answered all of our questions and helped put our minds at ease about the safety of our data. We had a period of time in which we thought our data was lost by our previous company and Grant helped us through all of that and when we discovered our data was recoverable, he helped us through the process of getting it into the Kotter Group. We are eternally grateful for not just Grant but the entire Kotter Group Team for their help over the past few weeks!

Joanna Girard Avatar
Joanna Girard

Thomas Cook was so fast and helpful!

Yelena Kacherovsky Avatar
Yelena Kacherovsky

The issue with my e-mail was fixed.

Nathan Beck Avatar
Nathan Beck

Grant was excellent to deal with!!! He went above and beyond his call of duty!

Thomas Richards IV Avatar
Thomas Richards IV

I'm an independent agent that was having issues importing data from EZlynx into Hawksoft. Very long story short, Thomas Cook from Kotter fixed the problem in literally 2 minutes. Absolutely amazing!

Crissi Zaletel Avatar
Crissi Zaletel

Thank you Michael! You did an amazing job with correcting my email issue. I have had several tech look at this error and continued to get it. I appreciate all your hard work !

Coulton Every Avatar
Coulton Every

I was working with Grant all morning in regards to some Outlook issues I was experiencing. He went above and beyond to solve the problem for me in no time. He was able to answer all of my questions and worked diligently to get me back up and running

Eli Gillespie Avatar
Eli Gillespie

Everyone at Kotter is super helpful - Sam, Benjamin, Thomas, and others. I really appreciate working with this group of people.

Whit Wilkerson Avatar
Whit Wilkerson

Thanks Sam for helping solve my issue today.
Whit Wilkerson
Nationwide Insurance

Victoria Renz Avatar
Victoria Renz

Walter was wonderful regarding training for our agency over the weekend!

Steve Bradfield Avatar
Steve Bradfield

Just worked with Sam Okonta at The Kotter Group re: an email set up issue. He was pleasant and professional, and handled my issue promptly. Thanks Sam

Adam Del Castillo Avatar
Adam Del Castillo

Grant provided exceptional service. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

Steve Bradfield Avatar
Steve Bradfield

Just worked with Sam Okonta at The Kotter Group re: an email set up issue. He was pleasant and professional, and handled my issue promptly. Thanks Sam

Tina Singleton Avatar
Tina Singleton

Tony Darger Avatar
Tony Darger

Phenomenal customer service! Easy to work with and very helpful and knowledgeable about the products they sell and service. Highly recommend for your VOIP provider!!!

Nathan Furnish Avatar
Nathan Furnish

I am using Bridge by The Kotter Group and am enjoying it very much. They have provided excellent service. They are fast with follow ups, answering questions, and getting me up and running. Michael McGlamry has been great to work with. His help and service has been awesome. I highly recommend this service!!!

Kate Leaver Avatar
Kate Leaver

Thomas Cook helped us with our Outlook emails. Very professional and clearly helped us and guided us. Thank you!

Jimmy Taylor Avatar
Jimmy Taylor

thanks Thomas and Kotter for your always great service Jimmy Taylor

Charlie Webb Avatar
Charlie Webb

Outstanding support. Will helped me and was the best ever. Charlie

Drea Witbeck McAdams Avatar
Drea Witbeck McAdams

Big thanks to Michael McGlamry who helped me out of a Hawksoft bind today - Knowledgeable, friendly and quick!

Kevin Johnson Avatar
Kevin Johnson

Grant Harpole has been very helpful. He is very knowledgeable and quick to respond. I highly recommend him for all technical issues!

Sibley Posse Avatar
Sibley Posse

Thank you for your help Michael Harpole! I appreciated how quickly and efficiently you were able to solve the problem I was having with my email on the Hawksoft Remote Desktop! You rock!

Candace Gillespie Avatar
Candace Gillespie

Kotter's customer service is the best. They always solve the problem. Their follow through is great. Grant was particularly savvy in solving our problem today.

Al Piper Avatar
Al Piper

Walter Goins is the man for tech support. He knows what to do in solving your issues. Hope that you get his assistance for help. Courteous, patient and knowledgably.

Brittney Beamer Avatar
Brittney Beamer

Sam Okonta was extremely helpful in getting our agency squared away! He took the time to explain each step with me and was very professional. I give Sam 5 stars all day long!

Joe Scheurell Avatar
Joe Scheurell

Great experience with Chris Lejeune! He is very helpful and quick to respond! Highly recommend The Kotter Group.

Rebecca Byrom Avatar
Rebecca Byrom

Wow...what incredible service. I called Sam and he immediately jumped in and went to work. He got me up and running in less than 10 minutes. Great service and great guy!

Kim Rutter Avatar
Kim Rutter

All of my experiences with tech support at Kotter have been great, but Wil is fantastic! He knows his stuff and doesn't talk down to you when you don't understand technical things about computers or your network. Keep doing what you're doing!!

Stephanie Longoria Avatar
Stephanie Longoria

Tracy Smith Avatar
Tracy Smith

Double AA Avatar
Double AA

Michael H was great to work with. He took every possible step to work with me through the process with migrating email over. Also he was very patient with me in waiting as I set up mobile email too.

Robyn Thorne Avatar
Robyn Thorne

Jennifer Yonker Avatar
Jennifer Yonker

I was unsure of working with a new IT person but Thomas Cook was knowledgeable and fixed all 3 issues I was experiencing. : )

Dave Morrow Avatar
Dave Morrow

You better look carefully before you sign up this this group, caveat emptor. The support staff is nice enough but their hardware is awful, we switched from Hawksoft regular to Hawksoft cloud through Kotter Group, what a mistake. The cloud service they provide is very slow and it constantly has trouble working with explorer.

Amanda Hastings Avatar
Amanda Hastings

Manny was able to assist me when we had an issue with our phone system at work. We had a tech issue that could've left us down but in just a few minutes had a fix for me and then updated me within an hour. Wonderful service!

Ðaniel Pacheco Avatar
Ðaniel Pacheco

Amazing product support from people that actually cares 🙂 huge kudos to the team and specially Walter Goins for lightning fast responses!

Barbara winton Avatar
Barbara winton

Grant helped me tremendously today. I was unable to append suspense's with documents. He worked out I needed a new profile, he did that and put all my old desktop stuff on my new desktop with all my shortcuts. Resolved all issues and answered all my questions. He had previously mentioned that we needed a new router. He got together with my boss, they worked it out and now it all works like a dream! Thanks Grant

Rusti Witham Avatar
Rusti Witham

I have worked with a few IT groups in the past, but I an beyond pleased to have connected with Sam, Justin and Andy from the Kotter Group. Not only are they talented in their field, they are delightful to interact with. They really know their stuff and didn't make me feel that I was ignorant in my questions- a rare find these days! So glad that I can know they are just a phone call away. Rusti

Courtney Geier Avatar
Courtney Geier

WOW! I am thoroughly impressed with how wonderful it was working with Sam Okonta. He had the day off and took time out of his day to help me get my computer all squared away. He was very friendly and nice to talk to and it was not a drag at all. I hope myself and company can continue to work with him. HIGHLY recommended!!!!!

Aaron Bright Avatar
Aaron Bright

Grant with the Kotter group was very helpful GREAT customer Service....

Teresa Campa Avatar
Teresa Campa

This is Amanda Austin from Advantage 1 Insurance in St Cloud, MN and Grant was extremely helpful today, fixing 2 issues in 1 call - efficient 🙂 He also provided some humor which was a bonus - Thanks Grant!

Jeff Pugmire Avatar
Jeff Pugmire

They've always been super helpful every time that I have called.

Jeff Anna Avatar
Jeff Anna

Big shout out to Walter Goins for the Wonderful Service he provided. Was very quick and got me up and going again!! Thanks Walter!!

Joshua Lipstone Avatar
Joshua Lipstone

After spending several years, yes years, looking for a new phone system we found Bridge from The Kotter Group. It has everything that we were looking for and more. What we've been most impressed with is the customer service we've received from Manny T and Andy D. It's been a pleasure working with both of them as well as everyone else at The Kotter Group. I would highly recommend them for your business phone needs.

Sandra Windle Avatar
Sandra Windle

Michael McGlamry was so awesome to work with. He was pleasant and very knowledgeable about my situation. Thanks again Michael!

Steve Lipstone Avatar
Steve Lipstone

Had a great experience with Manny Tejada assisting us with some issues we were having. He was patient and very knowledgeable. Thank you Manny!!

Christopher Johnson Avatar
Christopher Johnson

Wil Norton, Sam Okanta and the entire crew at Kotter group have always been very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Glad to have these guys as part of our extended IT team.

Steven J. Spiro Avatar
Steven J. Spiro

Grant worked with me for awhile, only to say more research was needed and he'd be getting back to me within a couple of days. Imagine my surprise when he called me back 10 minutes later with the solution. Grant understood my needs, was very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Sean Roberts Avatar
Sean Roberts

Have always been very helpful and professional, I have never not had an issue resolved.

Shannon Mc Gill Weichert Avatar
Shannon Mc Gill Weichert

Great customer service provided! Speedy and efficient resolve of my connection issues...Happy to be a client!

Leanne Marie Kelly Avatar
Leanne Marie Kelly

I had a great customer service experience with Michael McGlamry. He was patient , kind and very knowledgeable. Since this is all new to me, I have no idea what I am doing and Michael had to work with my limited knowledge and information. He patiently stuck with me and figured out my issue. I wish I had called him first, rather than wasting hours of my work day trying to install an unnecessary piece of equipment. Thanks Michael!

Breeze Insurance Avatar
Breeze Insurance

Grant did an excellent job taking care of the issue at hand in a professional, proficient manner. Thank you so very much!

Oliver Connor Avatar
Oliver Connor

Sam, Manny, and all the rest of the guys over there are all over their Customer Support.

Megan Gore Avatar
Megan Gore

Walter did a great job of being very patient with my ongoing issues, even on a Saturday. I appreciate his diligence. Thank you!

Kim Hibbs Grollman Avatar
Kim Hibbs Grollman

I am on the East Coast & it was 7:57pm on a Friday night when my Hawksoft management account froze. I had the pleasure of speaking to Samuel Okonta, who I am sure was ready to end his week in 3 minutes when I called, but he was awesome & got me back up & running within the 3 minutes so I am glad I didn’t hold him up on a Friday night. He was so polite, efficient and incredibly friendly. I rarely take the time to do reviews, but I felt compelled to do so with Samuel’s over the top service!! Thank you Samuel!! Kim Grollman from Gaspar Insurance East Coast office��

Andria Nelson Reel Avatar
Andria Nelson Reel

Always courteous and able to resolve the issues!!!

Paul Smith Avatar
Paul Smith

Sam Okonta walked me through getting Outlook 365 connected to my agency management system in a matter of minutes. Pain-free!

Steve Carey Avatar
Steve Carey

Thank you guys very much with all your help! We value your product and services, and appreciate the great customer service we received in our time of trial! Much appreciated! Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Kaylee Parson Avatar
Kaylee Parson

Samuel Okonta is the man! Customer service is awesome. I can always get a hold of someone.

Jeff McMillan Avatar
Jeff McMillan

Janine Dawson Avatar
Janine Dawson

Ahh once again Kotter brings it...at a remote location my laptop somehow removed all my Hawksoft icons, etc...Sam Okonta was awesome and got me back on line within minutes...Love their service and their staff...You guys are amazing!! Thanks!!!

Janine Dawson Avatar
Janine Dawson

Everybody at Kotter has been great to work with....and I love it when I can make them laugh at my corny jokes or fake British accent 🙂 Thomas Cook rocks 🙂

Bay Harbour Avatar
Bay Harbour

Thank you Thomas. The install & login went very smooth. Thanks again!

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